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The Ken Dodd Story

Look at it My Way

Pictorial Journey through his career.
This is NOT a Biography but a lovely collection of pictures from when Ken started in 1954 to the present day.
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Ken Dodd Ken Dodd was Born on the 8th November 1927,
In an old Farm House on the outskirts of Liverpool. A Village called, Knottyash.

Son of a Coal Merchant, Arthur Dodd and his loving Mother, Sarah Dodd.
He went to the Knottyash School, and sang in the local church choir of St. Johns Church, Knottyash. At the age of Seven, was dared by his School chums to ride his bike with his eyes shut..... And he did. For about 10 feet and the bike hit the kerb. As did the young Doddy, open mouthed onto the tarmac. Resulting in his Famous Teeth you see today.

It was around this time he became interested in showbiz. After seeing an advert in a comic, " Fool Your Teachers, Amaze Your Friends - Send 6d in Stamps and Become a Ventriloquist ! " And he Promptly sent off for the book. Not long after, His Father bought him a Ventriloquist's dummy and Doddy called it Charlie Brown. He started entertaining at the local orphanage, then at various other local community functions.

At 14yrs. He Left the High Holt Grammar School, and went into his Dad's Coal business. Though by his early 20's had branched out on his own. Selling Pots, Pans, and Brushes. And invented his own version of Softsoap for the Liverpool Housewives. He worked hard by day, selling his wares round the streets of Liverpool. And by night, became a regular and very popular performer on ' The Club's ' Circuit as " Professor Yaffle Chuckabutty. Operatic Tenor and Sausage-Knotter.

He Got his big break at the age of 27. In September 1954 he apeared at the Nottingham Playhouse.
A nervous young man, he sat in a local Milk Bar for most of the Afternoon going over and over his lines before going to the theatre. Although he can't remember much of the actual act of that night. He did recal.,, " Well at least they didn't boo me off. " But there wasn't much fear of that, as Dodd's act went from strength to strength. Eventually Topping the bill at Blackpool in 1958 !
And in the late 1950's came to little guys we all came to love.,,

The Diddymen

The Diddymen of Knottyash Work the Broken Biscuit Repair Works, the Jam Butty Mines, The Moggy Ranch and the Treacle Wells. A very industrious town indeed.
Ken Also started to work in radio with the BBC. " The Ken Dodd Show " and " Ken Dodd's Laughter Show " Were all extremely popular productions.
Television also beckoned and in the late 50's the Ken Dodd Show was broadcast Live from the Opera House in Blackpool. Other Series followed. The Ken Dodd Show : Doddy's Music Box : The Good Old Days : Ken Dodd's World Of Laughter. and of Cousre, Ken Dodd and the Diddymen.

Ken entered hit the big time in 1965 with THE longest ever run at the London Palladium. 42 Weeks to be exact. Which broke all box office records. And for which he was awarded a gold watch by the manager.
At the same time Ken began his singing career Before 1964's 'Tears' on EMI's Columbia label, Ken had a big 'hit' in 1960, with his first ever 45 rpm single 'Love is Like a Violin'on EMI's 'rival' label, Decca,and he followed it up with 'Once in Every Lifetime' in 1961. The record numbers are Decca F 11248 and F11355.
His now famous theme tune "Happiness" Was Released in 1964.
However, his biggest hit though was "Tears" also in 1964. Which sold over 2 Million copies, earning doddy 2 gold discs. And the next year. "Promises, 1966."

It was the 1960's that also saw Ken entered into the guiness book of records; for the Longest Joke Telling session EVER. 1,500 jokes in 3 and a half Hours. People were queing up at the theatre in Liverpool, and going into the theatre in relays to hear him.

Although Ken isn't on the telly as much as he used to be, Ken Still give marathon performances. All over the U.K. Tourdates can be found at our link(Above)And is currently doing around 4 shows a week at various locations accross England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Be warned, if a Show Starts at 7.30pm,,... You'll be lucky if you get out by midnight !!!

In 1996 his Very Popular,
" An Audiance With Ken Dodd "
was filmed and released on Video. Then 2 Years later in 1998 the
"Ken Dodd Live Laughter Tour"
was released.
And most recently the Video,

" Another Audience With Ken Dodd "
Was released in 2002.

Various Cd's and taped are still available for those interested.
And a Cassette Tape of the Diddymen is available.
But only if you go to one of the Live Happiness Shows !

I do hope you have found this interesting.
And we will be trying to updating the pages regularly.

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